Research Thesis 'Boeien; de eerste stap naar retentie'

During my graduation internship at 'De Graanfabriek' (a big creative Leisure incubator in Groningen) I did research into the cause of the unwanted progress of their volunteer database. During this period, I learned a lot about the 'voluntary commitment' phenomenon, the psychology behind it and the added value for (Leisure) companies to delve into this matter.


Internship at 'De Graanfabriek' in Groningen

During my internship I received a lot of responsibility and room for my own projects. I also supervised other trainees and lead projects in which they participated. I learned a lot about arranging permits for an organization. In addition, I presented a new project to the municipality on behalf of the organization and assisted the volunteer- and head manager.



2014 - 2018

BA - Leisure & Events Management;

here I learned what it means to be a manager, the importance of leisure in society and how one can use (among other methods) Imagineering to shape successful concepts. This study also gave me insight into sustainable business and Corporate Social Responsibility and taught me what knowledge and skills are required to run your own business.


Honours Degree - Entrepreneurship & Concepting;

during this minor I learned a lot about myself and how I am responsible for my own success, what it takes to actually realize a concept and what the importance of innovation is within various sectors.

2012 - 2014

BA - Communications;

this course has given me insight into the psychology behind (intercultural) communication and marketing and has taught me the intricacies of professional communication with clients and creative writing.


career summary

(September 2016 - March 2018) 

'Coby’s Quest' - NHL Stenden University  

All occupations: presenting/reporting, production (managing and coordination), screenwriting, concept, editing, interviews, research


For two years I had my own educational YouTube series, named ‘Coby’s Quest’. This was an initiative of the university I went to (NHL Stenden). The goal of the series was to create community among the students and the school. I started off by presenting the series, eventually I led and directed the productions myself, in which I was involved throughout all phases of the video making process: from development to completion. We started from nothing, with no experience. Mistakes where made and needed to be made, in order to make a self-taught format to improve our concept- and production processes. Because of the limited resources I was forced into learning every aspect of the video making process myself. I still benefit from this experience everyday as a professional in de media and leisure industry and in my personal life: you can learn to do anything you want. 

(May 2017 - September 2019)

Spraakmakend/Spot TV 

All occupations: coaching, presenting/reporting, hosting, production, concept, editing, organizing, interviews, (co) editor in chief/content director, coach, production management, office management 


Within (mostly) the same period, I was asked to join the talent group of a media bureau (Spraakmakend). This meant following a working and learning trajectory in the media industry in Groningen. I started of as a student and ended up as a coach for the new talent groups. We started an online media platform (Instagram/Facebook/YouTube) for students of Groningen, called Spot TV. Most of the time I would fulfil the role of (co-)editor in chief and coach within the team, but I also made sure of the scheduling, making calls and appointments. My time within these editorial teams has brought me a lot of extra experience and network opportunities. 


(September 2017 – present) 


All occupations: reporting/presenting, interviews, research, production (assistant, managing and coordination), concepts, screenwriter, scenario, script 


Over time, I became more and more asked by organizations If I could also be hired as a freelancer. This made me decide to register as self-employed. Since then I work with various interesting organizations, inspiring professionals and multidisciplinary teams. I work in projects such as music video’s, educational video’s and promotion video’s. As a freelancer I work in both the media and the leisure industry: besides presenting en and producing video’s, I sometimes organize, but mostly host various events. 


projects and clients


Production(assistent) - video campagne Trendship

Production - music video's EP Betere Dagen Steeby


(Pre-)production; writing, concept, interviewer - promo video Totally In Shape 

D.O.P. assistant, creative dir., concept, planning, script writing - music video Alumni 


Presenter, co-script writing - education MBO Terra

D.O.P., creative director, interviewer - Valentine video Groningen Airport Eelde

Vlogger, interviewer - report QBuzz


Presenter/report - Solar Weekend Festival


Presenter, creative director - promo Graanfabriek

Presenter - report European Sports for All Games

Presenter, co-concept, co-script writing - promo bv Sport

Creative director, research - network event Graanfabriek

Stage hosting - Eurosonic Noorderslag

Host - congress 'De Parels van Drenthe' - Stichting Vlechter & Mentor4you

2016 - 2018

Content creator, presenter, creative dir., script, concept, production, edit - own videoseries NHL Stenden

Content creator, manager, presenter, host, coach, concept, production, editor, content - Spraakmakend/Spot tv 


Project Manager and host - Da Vinci Festival


Host 'Kennis Maken Dag' - NHL Stenden​


Stagemanager - dance events Criterium Productions


Financial planning - sportgala KV


Artist guidance - event Frisian Proms


other employment

(September 2017 - September 2018)

KV Groningen

Teacher/coach, choreographer (contemporary/modern dance, hiphop/streetdance, jazz)

(September 2009 - September 2015)

Sport en Dansschool SDM

Teacher/coach, choreographer (contemporary/modern dance, hiphop/streetdance) for dancers of all ages.


Here I learned to speak to a group, teach and when necessary to help children, prepare classes and competitions and make choreographs. I worked amongst other dance teachers, learned to work together as one dance school  and got multiply first aid certificates during these years.


other activities and achievements


SEO copywriter for 'Priceless Places​


Won the contest for best presenter and hosted Solar Weekend Festival 2018

I never shy away for a challenge and when I enter a contest I am in it to win it. Besides that I had a great time meeting interesting people and this experience helped me grow as a presenter and media and leisure professional. 


Attended the 'Media van Morgen' conference


Attended the 'Media Challenge' of Spraakmakend

I am always eager to learn new things. I believe that you can never learn too much when it comes to your own personal development; both as a person and a professional. In addition, I believe that keeping up to date with- and having a feeling for- new (international) trends is indispensable in the creative industry if you want to be successful. Especially if they are accompanied by both national and international social responsibilities.


Participation World Championship Streetdance/Hiphop for teams (10th)  - Schotland


Participation European Championship Streetdance/Hiphop for teams (2nd) - Germany

2009 - 2015

Participation National Championships Streetdance/Hiphop for teams (1st)

During my years of dancing and training for the National, European and World Championships, I became one with my teammates. I learned what it meant to form a team, that every individual is indispensable for achieving joint results and that hard work pays of. An unforgettable couple of years that I still benefit from in my daily (work) life.